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  • Private Instruction:  $50/half hour

This is the most intensive and personal instruction.  One-on-one instruction ensures undivided attention in a non-competitive and encouraging environment.  The mechanics of pitching and hitting are completely broken down, refined, and then put back together.  Make no mistake, if it is not broken, I will not fix it.  The student can expect to understand each piece of a movement and its participation in a correct pitch or swing.  All batting practice is live and all bullpens are thrown to a live catcher.

  • Semi-private Instruction:  2 Students/half hour ($25/student).  This is a six week program.

This is a good alternative for parents on a budget or for students who want to work with a friend.  With two-on-one instruction, attention is equally distributed to both students, and in many cases, students are able to learn from each other.  During a pitching session, each student will throw the same amount of pitches.  Half of them will be to a stationary target while the other half will be to a live catcher.  A hitting session will work the students alternately in as many as 4 different stations, including live BP.  Skills games are also instituted during the session to enhance concentration and friendly competition.

Semi-private instruction requires commitment from two sets of parents.  For this reason, pairings must be coordinated by the parents.  This instruction also requires a “pay ahead” fee schedule and a commitment of 6 sessions.  The total cost of this 6 week program is $150/student. 

  • Extra BP:  5 students/1 hour ($20/student).  This is a six week program.

Extra BP is an excellent complement to regular practice and game schedules.  Most players are only afforded 10-15 swings during a team batting practice.  This is not nearly enough repetitions to get better or fix problems.  The Extra BP session will incorporate 4 hitting stations, including live BP, to allow for extra 200-300 swings per week under instruction.   4 circuits will be made during the hour; that’s 4 rounds of extra live batting practice.

Extra BP groups must be coordinated by coaches or parents.  It is recommended that all players in the group play on the same team to eliminate scheduling problems.  This 6 week/one session per week program requires a “pay ahead” fee schedule.  The total cost for the program is $120 for each student. 

  • Bunting Clinics:  4 students/1 hour ($25/student).  This is a one session clinic.

Bunting is one of the basic fundamentals that each player must have in order to be a complete player.  Unfortunately, it is one aspect of the game that is often not taught or under practiced.  This one time clinic will teach players proper stance and bat position to be proficient in this lost art.  I will teach the sacrifice bunt, squeeze bunt, “butcher boy,” and bunting for a base hit.  Repetition under instruction during this clinic will build a player’s confidence and ability to perform this necessary fundamental. Bunting groups must be coordinated by coaches or parents.  Call Doug to schedule a time for your group.

  • Curveball Hitting Clinics:  5 students/1 hour ($25/student).  This is a 3 week program.          

As players progress in their leagues, they will face pitchers who have curveballs and change-ups in their arsenals.  This clinic will incorporate 4 hitting stations, including live curveball BP, to teach players to stay back and hit a ball that is changing planes.  Simply put, as players see more curveballs in practice and under instruction, they will become more confident in not just making contact with the breaking pitch, but driving it.  Four circuits will be completed during each session; that’s 4 rounds of curveball BP each week.  These hitting fundamentals also prepare players to hit the change-up while still being ready to explode on the fastball.

Curveball hitting groups must be coordinated by coaches or parents.  Again, it is recommended that students play on the same team or have the same practice/game schedules to eliminate conflicts.  This 3 week/one session per week program requires a “pay ahead” fee schedule.  The total cost is $75 for each student.

  • Baseball Boot Camp

Coming this fall!


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