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Baseball is a sport that is deeply rooted in fundamentals.  These fundamentals are the foundation on which the best players are built, and also are the backbone of my instruction.  A sound player raises his ceiling of potential.  Once a student becomes proficient fundamentally, we expound to more advanced techniques.  I believe in the time-tested training format of repetition.  When a movement is correctly learned and repeated over time, it will be committed to muscle memory and performed instinctually.

The environment in which a student learns is just as important as the instruction he/she receives.  My facility is a haven for students where no judgment is passed on ability.  I teach through positive reinforcement and encouragement and through this they will build self-confidence.  Baseball is a game that is based on failure.  After all, a .300 hitter makes an out 7 out of 10 times.  The manner in which a player will deal with failure and adversity many times will dictate not only how successful he is on the field, but also in life. 

My objective as an instructor is to teach and mentor youths.  Under my instruction they will learn to pitch, hit, and catch using the same learning techniques that took me to the Major Leagues.  They will also learn that it takes more than athletic ability to be one of the best.  Terms such as confidence, determination, work ethic, and most importantly FUN are not only preached but practiced in this instruction.  In the end, I aspire for each of my students to be the very best they can be and the lessons they learn on the baseball field can also be applied to the rest of their lives.           

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